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GeoPsy Multidisciplinary Research is an innovative company that leverages on cutting edge geospatial technologies and current knowledge on mental health to find sustainable solutions to environmental and psychosocial vulnerabilities. In addressing this core mandate, we perceive the world as a complex multidisciplinary space, whose understanding can only be achieved by appreciating knowledge and skills from various disciplines. Specific disciplinary areas that we incorporate in our work include psychology, communication, geography, spatial science, mathematics and engineering. Our work ethic focusses on quality, accuracy and timeliness. We also believe that the sustainability of our dreams and efforts relies heavily on the people that we invest in as part of work. Capacity building is therefore an important aspect of our daily lives at GeoPsy Research.

Our Vision

To be a leading center for research, consultancy and training in geospatial sciences and mental health literacy in Kenya; combining knowledge and methods from spatial sciences, statistics, environmental sciences, and psychology among other disciplines to enhance public literacy and develop innovative and sustainable solutions for addressing environmental and social vulnerabilities.

Our Mission

To undertake novel multidisciplinary research, implement relevant trainings and capacity building events, and design effective scientific communication outputs for the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental and social vulnerabilities in Africa.